What IS WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful open-source content management system software that can be installed within all major hosting services. WordPress is used by corporations world wide including such as UPS, BestBuy, CNN, MSNBC, BBC America, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Pepsi… the list grows every day.

Almost 50% of all websites in the world are WordPress sites, 455 million and counting…


WordPress has a rich plugin architecture that allows users and developers to extend its abilities beyond the core installation. Translation: features that once took alot of time and money to develop such as contact forms, social media integration, site traffic reporting, search engine optimization, photo galleries, blogging tools, security and spam filters are now downloaded as open-source & premium ‘off the shelf’ plugins. There are over 26,000 plugins available for WordPress that allow users to implement most any function to the site in far less time than it takes to develop standard HTML.

Themes are like ‘skins’ that allow us to change the look of a website without altering the information content or structure of the site. The content stays within the WordPress database and essentially gets ‘reskinned’ by the theme that is selected. Each theme has it’s own way of organizing content to a degree. There is work to be done to tailor themes to reflect brands, but those alterations do not alter the page content – they are only reflected by the way the site’s design displays to the site visitor. This makes it much easier to change and update your site design in the future.

Social Sharing & Social Integration:
Sharing links make it easy for site visitors to share your site content with others.
Social media integration is a way of pulling your social content into your websites…if you’ve ever visited a site with a live Twitter or Facebook feed, this is what we’re talking about.

Having a website that is responsive to all devices is no longer a luxury – it’s a requirement. WordPress makes it easier to build mobile friendly, responsive website that often eliminates the need to build a secondary custom mobile site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a buzzword that essentially translates to the ongoing effort to push your website as high as possible in the search engine results. Search engines continuously tweak the way they operate so it can sometimes seem like a moving target. WordPress stays in tune with search engines:
– WP SEO plugins stay in sync with search engine changes
– WP features integrated clean permalink structure = search engine–friendly
– WP supports AdWords- Google’s ‘pay to play’ way to boost your search engine results
– WP supports AdSense – earn profit from Google by allowing ads to display on your site

In the past, building an ecommerce site was expensive and daunting due to the complexities of credit card and merchant accounts involved. Today WordPress plugins provide ways to make an ecommerce site affordable and manageable. Whether you’re selling downloads or down pillows, we can help you set up your online store and start selling online today.

We take website security seriously here at Orbit. We use multiple levels of security to keep your website safe from the bad actors on the web. Keeping your WordPress software and plugins up to date is one of the most important ways to ward off problems. But we don’t stop there – by utilizing daily backups and login limits are just 2 ways we go the extra mile to help avoid security issues.